Siri ‘Heckles’ British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson In The Middle Of Parliament Speech

The British Parliament is known for its shouts and interruptions ― and now even Siri is getting in on the act. 

On Tuesday, Apple’s digital assistant interrupted a speech in the House of Commons by Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson. He was speaking about Islamic State terrorists in Syria when Siri ― triggered by the country’s name ― chimed in.

“I found something on the web for Syria,” Siri said as Williamson began looking around in surprise. 

“What a very rum business that is,” Speaker John Bercow interjected to laughs, using a Britishism for “odd.”

“It is very rare that you’re heckled by your own mobile phone.” Williamson replied as he apologized. 

Later, he fired off a tweet about the incident:  

Not everyone was laughing. Some raised security concerns about a defense secretary carrying a device that can eavesdrop:

The BBC later reported that a source close to Williamson dismissed the risk, saying he did not carry the phone into “confidential and sensitive meetings.”

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