10 Peculiar Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Famous Leaders

With a new recover of annals relating to JFK’s assassination in 1963, swindling theorists everywhere are substantially holding thumbs that some of a theories they’ve been holding onto will infer to be true. Given a far-reaching collection of swindling theories concerning a events of Nov 22, 1963, it’s frequency doubtful they’ll travel divided pleased.

Kennedy, however, is frequency a usually universe personality to underline in swindling theories. On this list are such theories about other universe leaders (both passed and alive). Some are even foreigner than fiction . . .



10 Kim Jong-Un

The autarchic personality of North Korea is not usually dark in debate yet also in mystery. It is pronounced that his date of birth can't be confirmed, and it is misleading either he indeed did attend a Western propagandize as claimed. However, if he was frequency listened of before he came to power, he is many positively unequivocally famous now given of all a threats he’s been aiming during a US.

Out of all a weirdness surrounding Kim Jong-un, a wackiest story has to be a gossip that he is behind a disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.[1] It has been speculated that he organised for a craft to be hijacked and dark in a hangar located in a remote area of North Korea. Unfortunately, zero came of this theory, and a loyal predestine of MH370 stays to be revealed.

9 Robert Mugabe

The universe was flattering many repelled when a WHO motionless to make a (possibly soon-to-be former) boss of Zimbabwe a goodwill ambassador. Just a week later, a classification rescinded a respect given of a large cheer gifted worldwide. Naturally, Robert Mugabe’s allies indicted Western countries of conspiring together to sack a boss of this title.[2]

It is rather uncanny afterwards to consider that there is a swindling conjecture out there that accuses Mugabe of being a peaceful fan or even serf of a West. The conjecture has it that his land merger demands, that contributed to wide-scale misery and starvation in Zimbabwe, competence have been finished usually to greatfully his Western counterparts. It is suspicion that if a US sends giveaway food to bankrupt countries such as Zimbabwe, there isn’t adequate work for a internal farmers. This causes a farmlands to turn desolate, creation bad countries even some-more contingent on tellurian charity.




8 Angela Merkel

The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has a slew of swindling theories unresolved over her head. One states that she has authorised ISIS to dig and conflict Europe to give her a possibility to devise a troops conflict opposite her associate EU member states.

Another conjecture has it that Merkel is an Illuminati member along with a duke and duchess of Cambridge. She’s also not tellurian during all yet rather a lizard chairman incompetent to have children. She instead lays eggs like a reptile.[3]

Furthermore, she is pronounced to be in on a swindling surrounding what many call a “fake” city of Bielefeld. It is suspicion that Bielefeld, a city in Northwestern Germany, doesn’t unequivocally exist and that when people try to find it, they occur on actors who try to palliate their mind. Merkel once mentioned that she had been to Bielefeld, adding, “I have a sense that we was there.”

7 Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is France’s youngest president, inaugurated in May 2017 during a age of 39. Because of his story with a argumentative Rothchild family, he, too, can't shun a gossip mill. Not usually has he been indicted of being a Antichrist and a Freemason, yet it is pronounced that a Rothschilds neat him to be a subsequent personality of France.

Even yet he was apparently warned opposite operative for a Rothchilds, Macron supposed a position during their banking organisation (despite carrying no banking experience), after that he changed adult a ranks during an rare speed. He was done partner true from his youth role, overwhelming his colleagues. Apart from being a dependent of a Rothchilds, Macron also presumably attended a Bilderberg assembly in 2014, offer cementing a swindling theories surrounding him and his mentors.[4]

6 Queen(s) Elizabeth

As if it wasn’t bad adequate that a black of England was concerned (by means of swindling theory, that is) in a comfortless genocide of Princess Diana in 1997, there are also rumors that Elizabeth II isn’t even tellurian yet is in fact a shape-shifting reptile. Oh, and she’s not even a invertebrate from Earth yet rather from somewhere in outdoor space.

If this doesn’t torment your fancy, how about a conjecture that Queen Elizabeth we was transposed by a child after she died of a bubonic disease during age ten? Another conjecture suggests that a black transient death, yet her insurgency to being married after in life was given she was a hermaphrodite.[5]

If that’s still too strange, what about a unequivocally plausible conjecture that Elizabeth we is a chairman who indeed wrote a plays and sonnets that William Shakespeare is famous for?




5 Vladimir Putin

It seems that with a name like Vladimir Putin, a Russian boss never had a possibility of evading rumors that contend he’s a 100-year-old vampire, a tangible Mona Lisa, or a time traveler.

Many politicians have theories of their possess per Putin, including that he is an active KGB agent. These embody Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney. Others trust that Putin is a impersonal killer, that they ascertain from his expressionless, mostly non-smiling face and from a wars he started opposite several countries.[6]

Then there is a swindling conjecture that Putin designed a Apr 2017 Syrian chemical attack, radically formulating a fake dwindle eventuality in sequence to confuse Americans from offer questioning President Trump’s ties to Russia.

4 Barack Obama

One would consider a disturbance surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate would be a craziest swindling conjecture surrounding a former US president. However, some took it on themselves to come adult with even crazier rumors.[7]

Along with a prolonged given tired-out conjecture that Obama competence also be a reptilian, some even some-more severely suspicion that he competence be a Antichrist. Probably intuiting a common whine from around a world, swindling theorists motionless to come adult with a new angle for their stories. To do this properly, they had to embody Michelle Obama. A code new story has it that Barack and Michelle are severe black separatists in their gangling time. And also, Barack is formulation to overpower a Trump administration someday in a nearby future.

3 Adolf Hitler

History books contend that Adolf Hitler committed self-murder in 1945 by sharpened himself. However, there is a conjecture that says this competence not have happened during all. Many trust that there is justification to advise that Hitler lived for a prolonged time after a war.[8]

CIA papers have shown that a US believed it was probable that Hitler fled to South America after World War II and stayed there until during slightest 1955. Apparently, a former SS infantryman associated a story of frequently assembly adult with Hitler in Colombia before a German personality fled to Argentina. These rumors were exacerbated when it was detected that Adolf Eichmann, a planner of a Holocaust, and Josef Mengele, a alloy who achieved terrible experiments on prisoners during Auschwitz, were stealing out in Argentina and Brazil.

2 Joseph Stalin

The Roswell occurrence of 1947 gave arise to mixed swindling theories, many of that contend that aliens exist and that a booster that crashed in New Mexico contained explanation of this. However, a US supervision lonesome a whole thing up.

Even if you’re not a follower in UFOs, there is a swindling conjecture for you, too. In 2011, Annie Jacobson wrote a book detailing an apparent tract conjured adult by Soviet tyrant Joseph Stalin.[9] Jacobsen settled in her book that Stalin became desirous by a novel The War of a Worlds, heading him to enroll a assistance of Joseph Mengele. Mengele presumably supposing alien-like children who would offer as a “crew” on a jet-propelled Horten Ho 229.

Stalin wanted a aircraft to land in a US and means a mass panic. However, when it crashed, a US supervision intervened, and a Roswell story was born.

1 World Leaders And Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is a bizarre place that spawned a crowd of theories and rumors over a years. These embody tales of a New World Order being in assign of a construction and ensuring that a blueprint of a airfield resembles a swastika, not to discuss Masonic black being displayed inside a building for sinister reasons.[10]

Accusations have been done that those concerned with a construction of a airfield enclosed a thoroughness stay subterraneous to move a US behind to an epoch of slavery.

What does this have to do with universe leaders, we ask? Well, apparently, Denver International Airport also has a obstruction of a subterraneous bunkers prepared and watchful for universe leaders from around a creation in a eventuality of a apocalypse. This conjecture doesn’t mention either usually certain leaders are acquire or if there is space for all of them.

Estelle lives in Gauteng, SA.

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